Statistics show that close to 1 million people - children and grown-ups - live in single parent families in Hungary, a country of 10 million people.

The Single Parent Families' Foundation helps families living with one parent and promotes these families' case.  More than 500,000 children are raised in single parent families in Hungary. Their risk of getting poor is very high - close to half of these families face poverty. 

Single Parents’ Centre invited to the UN

The Single Parents’ Centre presented itself at a packed event in the Headquarters of the UN in New York. Anna Nagy, head of the Single Parent Families’ Foundation which operates the Single Parents’ Centre in Budapest, gave a presentation during the two-week session of the world organisation’s Commission on the Status of Women (CSW).

The Single Parent Families' Foundation was founded in 2005 to help families living with one parent and promote these families' case. The essence of the establishment of the Single Parent Families' Foundation was to provide several types of help to these families in their everyday life. 

1.) A parent is absent in 300,000 families in Hungary - statistical data indicate that the number of single parent families can be estimated at 300,000...


We collected 12 facts about single parent families in Hungary.

Single Parents' Center

An innovative and unique institute opened in Budapest in May 2018: the first Single Parents’ Center. This is unique not just in Hungary but also internationally offering a wide range of services and programs for single parents, their kids and others.

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