We visited familes where single mothers raise disabled children. You can read their touching stories here. 

“I did not care about her flaws, I was happy that she had only this much”

“My child is four and a half years old, but I knew before she was born that I would have to raise her alone, since her father left us during the pregnancy. Since then, I had another partner and another child, however this relationship has also ended, therefore I was left alone with the two little ones.” This is how the mother, who had to face that her elder child was born with disabilities, describes her situation.

„Those who never experienced this, do not understand what it means to raise a disabled child alone”

In families where there are children with disabilities, the chances of getting a divorce is higher. Single parent families are more likely to become poor and a disabled child makes the daily life even harder than of other single parent families. These parents have more difficulties in finding work, arranging the daily routine or finding a partner.

„I am afraid to think about how my daughter will cope if I am no longer here”

“My daughter, Panna, was born prematurely which caused abnormalities of the locomotor system. Her hands and legs were not able to hold her body which lead to her learning to crawl and walk late. Thanks to the intervention and Pető Institution, her movement is more coordinated now – even if it is a little uneven compared to her peers.” says Júlia.

A mother and his son

Mother and son of Kovács family were open to share their story in a video as well. 

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