During our ‘Single or Unique’ project we visited the Down Association, where Frode Barth and Anita Evjen held two sessions of music therapy to children with mental disabilities.

Date: 22 January 2018

Location: Down Association - 1145 Budapest, Amerikai út 14.

Frode Barth, musician and guitar player, is working with people with Down syndrome in Norway since 1994. Today he has his own association and travels around the world to show his methods to others. According to his views, the most important thing in music therapy is improvisation. Since every participant is different, we cannot have the same scheme for every occasion, we have to adapt to the current situation and participants.

During his workshop we had the opportunity to see how his improvisation and adapting work. With the simplest instruments (e.g. wood sticks) the children were able to create music together as a group.

Projekt száma: HU01-0006- COOPER-B1-2017

Projektgazda: Egyedülálló Szülők Klubja Alapítvány

Projekt címe: Egyedülálló vagy különleges? Egyszülős családok Magyarországon  

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