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Single parent families - online survey

Online survey about the situation, problems and needs of single parents.

Single Parent Families’ Foundation carried out a survey in early 2017. Over a thousand single parents respondents said that their biggest problem was isolation.

The survey was published on 21st of March, the International Day of Single Parent Families. Nearly 90% of the respondents are currently bringing up their children on their own. More than half of them have been left on their own with one child, and more than half are between 35 and 44.

Respondents indicated that isolation is one of the biggest daily problems. The second main issue raised was the financial situation, and the third, their children and everyday logistics in relation with after-school lessons, child-minding and summer camps.

Our foundation can provide a number of services to tackle those problems, including psychological support and legal advice, and different forms of assistance such as holidays at reduced prices, regular meetings, community events and training. The respondents highly appreciate the opportunity to be in touch with other single parent families, mutual help and the database of services (e.g. tradespeople, babysitters, teachers for post-school lessons), as well as the single parents’ club.

You can find the research report here