"... and who will help THEM?" | conference on one parent families 2007



A Conference on Single Parent Families in Hungary



Date: Tuesday, 6 November 2007


Venue: Magyar Telekom Headquarters (1013 Budapest, Krisztina krt. 55.)


09:00           Welcome address


“The largest minority in Hungary” – The situation and perception of single parent                      families in Hungary

Anna Nagy, Chair of the Board of Trustees, Single Parents’ Club Foundation


09:15           Magyar Telecom welcome address


Dr András Simon, Director of Communication, Magyar Telekom


09:30           Conference Opening


09:45           Which foreign examples could Hungarian society make use of?


HMA John Nichols, British Ambassador, Budapest


10:00           Has the public anything to do with single parents?

  • Where, when and from whom can they expect help, respect or disdain?


Professor Zsuzsa Ferge, Programme Director, National Programme against Child Poverty


10:30           Questions and Answers


11:00           Coffee Break


11:10           The continuous change of the HR market

  • What does the domestic labour market demand and offer?

  • Is it possible to balance work and family?


Zsolt Lukács, Partner, Telkes Consulting Inc.


11:40           How should single parent families make their voice heard?

  • Where the system already works: the British model

  • Good practices Hungary could adopt


Chris Pond, Director General, National Council for One Parent Families, Great Britain


12:10           Questions and Answers


12:40           Lunch


13:30           “Truncated family”? What’s this?

  • What do children need?

  • Who will provide it for them?

Dr Tamás Vekerdy, child psychologist


14:00           Questions and Answers


14:30           Interventions from the floor and discussion


15:00           Closing remarks


Gábor Csizmár, State Secretary, Ministry of Social and Labour Affairs





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